Waking up before the alarm clock sounds

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Have you ever woken up before the alarm clock went off and began preparing for work? I’ve gotten myself into a rhythm and wake up around the same time every day. On occasion I wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off, so I take advantage of the extra few minutes and get my day started.

Wednesday was one of those days, and some. Like any other day, I opened my eyes in a dark room with the low glow of my digital alarm clock emanating from the bedside table. I shifted my position in bed so that I could get a clear view of the time, then climbed out of bed.

Through blurry eyes, my mind told me that it was few minutes before 4:30 AM and I should get up and start the day. I picked up my bath robe and headed for the kitchen to make a quick breakfast. After filling the tea pot to boil water for oatmeal, I glanced down at the clock on my stove.

As I stood there staring at the clock, I thought to myself that something just wasn’t right. By now Syrus is normally bouncing around the house and starting his day as I get my own underway. Then it hit me, it wasn’t 4:30 AM, it was 2:30 AM.

At this point I let out a low sigh, placed the tea pot on the stove, then walked back to the bedroom slowly shaking my head along the way. Upon entering the bedroom, my wife stirred and asked what I was doing up so early. I began telling her the story as I climbed back into bed. Afterwards, she let out a little laugh, rolled over, and fell soundly asleep.

While it wasn’t the best way to start the day, it sure beats getting half way to work before realizing that it was a Saturday.

Have you ever found yourself
in a similar situation?


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  1. I know your frustration. I woke up one morning, glanced at the clock and lept out of bed realizing I was an hour late. I jump in the shower to take a high speed rinse and half way thru I realize it is saturday. Talk about an adrenaline rush…

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