We Call it the Desert Fox

Custom Gun Finishes - Springfield XDM - Dave - 1
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Last month I introduced you to two guns that received a major facelift. The first gun, a Glock 17, belongs to a friend of mine and has been dubbed Tactical Cheetah. The second gun was my Glock 17, which has been dubbed the Swamp Goblin.

There are two more guns that make up Team Custom Gun FinishesOpens in a new tab.. The third is a Springfield XDM which has been dubbed the Desert Fox. The frame has been DuraCoated and the Slide and Backstrap received Hydrographics. The Hydrographics were then gone over with clear DuraCoat for durability.

This gun has not only been finished for a few weeks but it has also been shot in two matches (I’ve been slacking on writing this post). If you would like to see the gun in action, check out the video below.

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Dave Shooting Springfield XDM with Desert Fox treatment


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