Weekly Workout Log: August 1st through August 7th

Walt - Workout Log - August 7th

Wendler 5/3/1

While I may only be two weeks into the Boring but Big Template of Wendler 5/3/1, I feel like I’m making solid progress. I’ve been consistently hitting the AMRAP Set Goals and increasing my projected 1-Rep Max Weight.

When the next cycle begins I believe my app will use the new weights to generate my lift figures. Using those new figures, as well as jumping from 50% to 60% on accessory lifts, is going to make for some seriously difficult training sessions.

I’m looking forward to challenge of the next cycle.

Focus T25

I tend to complete my Focus T25 Workout in the evening, after strength training. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got no energy and I’m dragging through the cardio / conditioning workout but I think it is helping with my stamina.

I don’t tend to need as much recovery time as I used to and the exercises are getting a little easier. I feel like I can’t physically do some of them. Having a gut makes getting into certain positions damn near impossible – I’d love to see Sean T do the Ab Workout in a fat suit.

DDP Yoga

As much as I love the results of each yoga workout (increased mobility and it seems to take away some minor muscle aches) the program is becoming a little tedious. I’ve increased the frequency from 3 days per week up to 5 (which probably doesn’t help) and I have basically been doing the exact same workout / poses for a couple of weeks.

To make matters worse, there is just too much explanation in the Energy video. Don’t get me wrong, the extra help is great the first couple of times you follow along but at this point I just feel like the entire workout could be shortened by about 5 minutes.


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