Weekly Workout Log: June 27th through July 3rd

Workout Log - July 2ndIn last week’s Workout Log I made mention that I injured my back. Things were a little better this week and an in an effort to keep it that way, I wound up taking Monday off and stayed away from conventional deadlifts.

Due to the changes in my routine, the numbers look a little skewed. Despite the change and day off, I feel like I made progress – you just can’t see it in the numbers.

During the month that I’ve been doing this volume training my weight hasn’t changed much. At my lowest I was down 4 pounds but I seem to be hovering about 2 pounds down (there is a slow downward trend forming that I can see in daily weight-ins).

The scale that I have also measures body fat percentage. These figures seem to be erratic but are also trending down. I’m taking this as a good sign that the hard work is paying off. Also worth noting, my wife told me that my shorts were getting too baggy and that I’d need more. I bought those shorts earlier in June and she is right, I hadn’t noticed before but I can take them off without unbuttoning them…

Workout Log

Workout of the Week

A few weeks ago Anytime Fitness of Gilbertsville began posting a Workout of the Week. If you’ve been following along with my Weekly Workout Logs, you’re well aware of them already. What you may not know is that my gym is trying use these weekly workouts as a way to promote their Facebook Page.

This week they are offering up a prize to the person who perform the most reps and shares the results on their Facebook Page. I don’t know what the prize is or if I even have a shot but so far I’m the only result posted at 115 reps.

    TRX Rows: 59 Reps
    Burpees: 23 Reps
    Tire Flips: 33 Reps
    Total: 115 Reps


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