Weight Loss Journal: November 1st and 2nd

Weight Loss Journal - Nov 1st and 2nd - SelfieNovember is a new month and brings with it a whole new set of goals. I’m happy to say that so far things are off to a great start! I’ve outlined all of my new goals when I posted about my November Project (as well as Episode 14 of The Slimming Down Dad Podcast), so there is no need to re-hash the specifics.

Sunday was a rest day for me but I kept myself busy nonetheless. I’ve been meaning to start meal-prepping for a while now and finally got started that morning. I came across a Buff DudesOpens in a new tab. meal-prep video a while back that said an effective meal was as simple as cooking up some rice and combining salsa and chicken breast in a slow cooker. I did just that and was amazed at how good it was with such minimal effort. I think it took me more time finding the right lids for the tupperware than it did for me to load up the slow cooker and turn it on.

Later in the afternoon my wife and I took our daughter to a local corn maze. We let our little girl lead the way while we followed behind. After an hour she got bored and we found our way back out and went out for something to eat. My vice is a burger and steak fries, which is exactly what I had. Not the best option for a guy trying to lose weight but it was a damn good burger.

Monday was an all out assault on my body. Since I had off from work (I put in for a couple days vacation several weeks back but plans changed) I hit the gym after our daughter headed off to kindergarten. I did my usual Leg Workout but incorporated 10 Sets of 10 Bodyweight Squats to begin chipping away at Week 1 of the Slimming Down Dad Challenge.

A little later, after our daughter was back home, we went on a two-mile family walk. My wife and I walked behind as our daughter rode ahead on her bike. It was great weather to be out and everyone enjoyed themselves while burning some calories.

That evening, before getting ready for bed, I had this crazy idea to put in a little more work. I threw on a pair of gym shorts and headed down into our basement to put in some time on the exercise bike. I didn’t try for anything crazy, just a steady moderate pace while I watched a little Netflix.

When it comes to my diet, I’m a little concerned about shooting for 200 grams of protein per day. The volume of food isn’t the issue, it is actually eating things that are high in protein. I’m thinking that in addition to three protein rich meals per day, I’m going to have to snack on things like hard boiled eggs and greek yogurt throughout the day.

Anyway, I’m off to a strong start this month and look forward to seeing what all of this hard work brings on December 1st.


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