Weight Loss Journal: November 4th and 5th

Last month I made I made an effort to try and post a weight loss journal update every day. There were days when I couldn’t get to it and I had to double up but those weren’t a regular occurrence. This month I seem to be moving in the opposite direction. While daily updates aren’t necessary, I feel like I’m making forward progress when I make them.

Despite having to double up again, there really isn’t a whole lot to talk about. Wednesday has become my rest day but I went ahead and worked out anyway. I wasn’t able to make it to the gym so I headed down into my basement and focused on cardio and ab work

For cardio I hopped on my treadmill for about forty-five minutes. I’ve lost some ground since I haven’t been running in a while. I had to drop the speed and trudge along. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t my best run either.

After I was done on the treadmill I got down on the floor and began a circuit of crunches, double leg raises, and oblique crunches. I repeated the circuit three times and got up feeling as though my core had a decent workout.

From there I climbed onto the exercise bike for a half hour. I was fatigued so I tried to maintain a slow and steady pace. I was more worried about just keeping my heart rate slightly elevated and burning calories than I was about going balls to the wall for a killer cardio session.

Thursday is the day that I was seeing my personal trainer. Since those sessions are finished, I felt like I was in limbo. I didn’t have time for the gym so I headed back down into the basement to repeat the workout I did the previous night.

I’ve been keeping a closer eye on my calories this month. That, coupled with all the added cardio, should produce some positive results when I weigh-in on Sunday morning.


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