Weight Loss Journal: October 11th

Yesterday was not a good day. I went to bed around 9pm on Saturday Night (My wife works 2nd Shift and my daughter is 5 – gimme’ a break). I was up at Midnight with back pain, managed to get back to sleep, then was back up again at 3:30am. The second time I woke up, the pain was pretty intense. It hurt to breathe and getting out of bed was a chore.

By the time my wife and daughter woke up I had been up for hours and was ravenous. I talked them into going out for breakfast and I tore up an order of Cream Chipped Beef with a side of Sausage (I could eat that every Saturday / Sunday morning for the rest of my life and be happy). When we walked out the door I had demolished more than half of my calorie allotment for the day.

I tried taking a nap after we got home and couldn’t get comfortable. I did some odds and ends around the house then headed over to the Cigar Shop to watch the Eagles game. Lunch was provided to members (Stuffed Peppers and Hot Dogs) and I was over my goal for the day.

I tried taking a nap again after I got home and just before I fell asleep my phone started dinging and woke me up. I spent the remainder of the day trying to sit enough to be comfortable but move around enough so that my back didn’t stiffen up.

Back to back days without exercise and over-eating has me mildly concerned. I had hoped to add in a bit more time in the gym, during the week, to offset the inactivity but now I’m concerned about overdoing it and worsening the situation with my back.

It is tough but I keep telling myself not to mistake recovery for a loss of progress.


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