Weight Loss Journal: October 13th

Yesterday was the first day where I’ve had a decent nights sleep in a while. The prescribed muscle relaxers really do a number on me and put me down for the count. I only woke up once due to pain in my back. Things are getting better but it may be a few more days until I’m feeling up to exercise.

In anticipation of soreness and stiffness, I’ve rescheduled this weeks personal training session. My goal is to be back in the gym on Monday. A week off seems like plenty of time to both rest and completely sabotage my progress. It is going to be tough to not try and do too much too soon in an effort to play catch-up.

The oddest thing is going on with my diet. I’m not eating well, my calories are all over the place as are my macros, but every day I feel like I could eat a horse. I don’t know if it is just a mental thing where I want to binge or if my metabolism is going haywire due to the sudden lack of exercise.

I’ve been watching you YouTube videos and reading articles on weekly meal prep. I think I’m going to give that a try on Sunday so that next week consists of better food choices.


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