Weight Loss Journal: October 14th

Another day down and one day closer to being back to the gym. My back is still giving me some trouble but it is less painful than it was. I’ve been playing around with the time that I take my muscle relaxer to find the sweet spot for when it kicks in and wears off. Right now I’m at the point where I can almost get through the night before waking.

I came really close to doing some exercise yesterday but thought better of it when my back began to ache later in the day. Completely healed or not, I think I’m going to start slowing incorporating exercise on Monday. Maybe I’ll start with a light 30 minutes on the exercise bike then build from there.

I’m still high on calories. I think I’ve found my groove when exercising and it is hard giving up on food volume now that I’m less active. If MyFitnessPal is correct, I shouldn’t be gaining any weight. In theory I should just be loosing much more slowly. There are days when I feel like I’ve gained weight but I think it may just be a mental thing.

Next week I think I’m going to attend a group fitness class with my wife in an effort to ramp up exercise after a week off. I’ll have to play it by ear and see how my back feels.


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