Weight Loss Journal: October 15th

Well, look at that. I basically tripped and fell into a perfect day of Macros. This is the first time I hit the 40/40/20 split and it was kind of nice. I didn’t have to do anything wild and crazy with my food, I just ate and logged my food. I didn’t try to cut back on carbs or increase protein (it seems like I’m always in that struggle).

My back is still bothering me. I woke up twice with back pain and it seems like the muscle relaxer I’ve been prescribed just isn’t going to get me through the night. Not unless I cut back on the hours I spent in bed.

Due to the lack of exercise, these posts have left me feeing like I’m saying the same thing day in and day out. I hope to change that next week when I’m back at the gym. I’m very eager to start exercising again. I miss being active.


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