Weight Loss Journal: October 20th

Weight Loss Journal - Oct 20th - SelfieWhen I woke up on Tuesday morning it was somewhere in neighborhood of 3:30am and my upper back was stiff. There was a little soreness but nothing horrible. I wound up getting out of bed and getting an early start to the day. The first step out of bed was a doosy.

My legs were crazy sore from my workout on Monday. It was a wonderful feeling to be sore again and it would seem the modification I did to my leg workout did just what I hoped it would. Since I was awake, I got a super early start to work and wound up taking a long lunch. I spent about an hour in the gym working chest and arms before my daughter got home from school.

I cut the routine short by two exercises and limited my time on the elliptical to 20 minutes (pressed for time). It was a solid workout and I was able to match my numbers from two weeks ago. I was afraid that I’d start falling backwards in terms of strength but the week away didn’t seem to hinder me too much.

I’ve been having a hell of a time with my diet. I always feel hungry and have this tremendous urge to snack / graze throughout the day. It wouldn’t be so bad if the snacks were more protein than carbs but I’m killing my numbers with granola bars and such.

As I type this I’m seeing a vision for the November Project. I’m thinking about ditching the scale again but this time really cracking down on my diet. Lots of meal prep and hard work in the gym…


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