Weight Loss Journal: October 24th

Natalie - Soccer Game

Yesterday morning I woke up to the sounds of my daughter whispering to her mother (they were trying not to wake me up). It must have been sometime around 7am and it was the first time I slept in that late in quite a while. After a surprise tickle turned into high pitched screams of laughter, my daughter and I made our way down to the kitchen to get started on breakfast.

I had my usual egg-whites and turkey bacon and she had some oatmeal. My wife stayed in bed for another hour or so (I don’t give her enough credit sometimes – she works hard as a nurse and routinely gets home after midnight).

Once we were all up and moving around we packed up the car and headed over to our daughter’s soccer game. For the first time this season her team was schedule to play in the early wave of games. Being a morning person, I thought it was fantastic because it gave us the whole rest of the morning to do things.

The downside was that when she was finished it was still kind of early. We were going to stop at a diner near the soccer field for lunch but it was still breakfast time. In an effort to pass the time, we headed over to Walmart to pick up a couple odds and ends. While walking around I stopped in the sporting goods section and looked at the exercise bikes.

I’ve been wanting one of the older style air-resistance bikes for a while now. You know the type, the front wheel is basically a giant fan and the handlebars move front and back to work your arms as well as your legs. They didn’t happen to have one in stock but they did have something similar or sale for $97.00.

We wound up leaving with it and heading home to assemble it (it was still too early for lunch). Once it was together we went back out to get some lunch. I’m a sucker for a burger and fries and while it was just diner food, it was damn tasty – even if it was upwards of 900 Calories.

I hopped on the new exercise bike later that evening and gave it a try. It is kind of cramped in the sense that I feel hunched over to work my arms but for a cheap bike it serves its purpose. I put it in front of the TV in our basement and my plan is to passively use it to burn some calories while watching Netflix.

A little later that night my daughter and I went to a local parade (my wife had to work). The parade is pretty popular and goes on for nearly three hours. Kids line the sidewalks and people from the parade come by and drop candy into their Halloween baskets. I don’t like crowds and I hate trying to weave my way through a sea of people slowly walking along but it made my daughter happy. We parked about 8 blocks away from where I met up with my father, niece, and nephew. Between the walk from the car to the spot, back 4 blocks to the porta-potty so my daughter could pee, then 8 blocks back to the car, we did a fair bit of walking.

In the grand scheme of things I had a pretty good day yesterday. I didn’t go crazy with my calories but my macros were way out of whack (that burger and fries had a ton of fat). The exercise bike, coupled with some walking, was some nice low-intensity exercise.


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