Weight Loss Journal: October 26th

Weight Loss Journal - Oct 26 - SelfieYesterday I walked into the gym and got myself situated in the rack. I didn’t have time for my usual cardio warm-up so I planned on adding some extra lightweight sets to get me ready. After about my fifth warmup set I was feeling good. Really good.

I made the decision to pile on the weight and see if I gained any ground when it comes to strength. My previous best was 3 Sets of 5 Reps at 225 pounds. I put 235 pounds on the bar and got down to business. I completed the first set of 5 and felt pretty good. I completed the second set and was feeling fatigued. I completed the 5th rep on my final set and felt like I could push a bit further. I wound up going for a total of 8 Reps and smashed through my Squat plateau.

That milestone set the tone for the remainder of the workout and I continued to push through Leg Day. About an hour and fifteen minutes after I arrived, I walked back out the door on very wobbly legs with my head held high.

All of the volume – lighter weight, higher reps, and isolation work was paying off. It feels amazing to push through the wall that was causing disappointment six weeks ago.

As far as my October Project goes, I have no idea what I weigh. I won’t be stepping on the scale until next week but I’ve had some doubts. I’m eating a lot more and probably put on a few pounds. I need to prepare myself for that. However, my body is definitely changing. I used to wear a size 40 waist pants. I picked up a couple pair of jeans towards the beginning of the month that were a 38. Those same pants feel pretty loose right now and I could probably fit into a 36 without much trouble.

Part of me wants to just keep going and not even bother with the scale at the end of the month – Just roll right into November with new goals in mind and still not knowing my weight. I’m less stressed about it and feel pretty good about myself.


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