Weight Loss Journal: October 30th and 31st

Weight Loss Journal - Oct 30th and 31st - Soccer

This weekend has been a jumble of activities and my daily weight loss journal entries kind of got away from me. That seems to be the norm as of late but with activities winding down and new things about to begin, it is tough to keep all of those balls in the air without dropping one on occasion.

October 30th:
On Friday we had a bit of a family emergency. I got a text from my wife around 8am that resulted in my bailing out of work early. The plan was to get home so that I could get my daughter off the school bus while my wife ran out. I skipped the gym and planned on simply making it up on Saturday.

I was tempted to get on the exercise bike later that evening but I was run down. By 8:30pm I put my daughter to bed and was right behind her. I took a muscle relaxer for my back and was out cold by 9pm.

October 31st:
The day started off much like any other. I dragged myself out of bed, cursing the pain in my back, and went downstairs to make breakfast and get the day started. My daughter wasn’t far behind me and after eating, we got ready for her second to last soccer game of the season.

My timid little girl started the soccer season looking like she was afraid of the ball. She loved to play but didn’t like the idea of trying to take the ball from other players. A lot has changed since then – She became much more aggressive and loves chasing down players and blocking shots.

I had a moment of amazing fatherly pride as my wife and I were watching from the sidelines. Another player’s father was standing behind us and I heard him tell his daughter “Watch Natalie, I want you to play like that”.

After soccer I got changed and was going to head over to the gym for my missed workout. I changed my mind at the last minute and told my wife “I’m supposed to run 6.2 miles today and I don’t think I can do it. I haven’t gone out for a run in weeks but I said I was going to do it…”

I made a joke about calling her on her cell phone for a water delivery if I was stuck somewhere in the housing development in need of a drink. She laughed and I walked out the door and got down to business. I surprised myself and ran the 10K. It wasn’t pretty but I covered 6.2 miles in an hour and thirteen minutes.


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