Weight Loss Journal: October 6th

Weight Loss Journal - Oct 6 - Selfie 1

This week marks the first week of my gym schedule shift. To make everything work between my work schedule, my wife’s work schedule, and my daughter’s school schedule, going forward I’ll be missing my usual Wednesday gym session. So that I don’t miss the day completely it instead gets shifted to Tuesday.

Monday was Leg Day and I’m still feeling the effects of the workout. Yesterday was Chest and Arms. As I sit typing this, my lower body is achy and my upper body is fatigued (very little soreness – that is a plus). It will probably take a couple of weeks to adjust but I’m confident I can find my rhythm with the new schedule.

On the food front I was doing awesome right up until I had cashews as an evening snack. It shifted my nearly perfect macros to 39% Protein (202 grams), 36% Carbs (192 grams), and 25% Fat (57 grams). While it isn’t perfect, I’m really happy to have protein in the leader column for once.


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