Weight Loss Journal: October 7th

Weight Loss Journal - Oct 7th - Selfie

Yesterday was the first Wednesday in my new schedule and the first time in 5 months I drove home from work and passed the gym without stopping in for a workout. Things were kind of crazy, racing home, then getting dinner in the oven for my daughter and I.

While the chicken breast was baking, I headed into the basement to try and knock out a quick Focus T25 Workout. It was technically my rest day but I liked the idea of being active for at least 25 minutes. Besides, how hard could it be?

Let me tell you, it was damn hard. Especially considering that I got cocky and jumped over Alpha, picking Beta Core Cardio. I couldn’t go straight through and needed several breaks to catch my breath. About half way through the routine I sent my daughter upstairs to get dressed for soccer (she likes exercising with me).

By the time I finished working out, got a shower, and pulled the chicken out of the over, it was time to leave. After an hour of soccer practice we came home to re-heated chicken and green beans. It wasn’t bad but the fact I feel like I’m racing from one place to another is getting old.

In regards to food, I made an unintentional change and started replacing snack-style carbs with healthy fats. For instance, we bough a giant tub of cashews recently and I’ve been snacking on those (as well as things like string cheese). They are calorie dense but I find them to be more filling than something like a pack of peanut butter crackers.

I’ve got a long road ahead of me for the remainder of the month but these last couple of days has left me feeling very good. I don’t know if it is entirely based on my diet or if it helps that I’ve stopped letting the scale stress me out (I can’t stress over it if I’m not using it)


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