Weight Loss Journal: October 9th

Weight Loss Journal - Oct 9 - Selfie 1

Friday is what I like to think of as Back Day. It is the day which I typically leave work early and have the ability to hang around the gym a little longer than usual. The extra available time means that I can give myself a longer break than usual between Deadlift sets, if I feel as though I need it.

  • 5 Reps at 135 Pounds
  • 5 Reps at 185 Pounds
  • 5 Reps at 225 Pounds
  • 5 Reps at 275 Pounds
  • 5 Reps at 315 Pounds
  • 3 Reps at 355 Pounds
  • 5 Reps at 325 Pounds
  • 5 Reps at 325 Pounds

The first few sets are warm-ups and my rest period typically consists of the time it takes me to adjust the weight for the following set. My goal was to hit 355 for 5 Reps but my grip strength wouldn’t allow for it. I’ve been trying to avoid using straps but it means falling short on the rep count. Because my hands were hurting, I dropped the weight down to 325 for the remainder of my working sets and grunted and groaned to the bitter end.

In addition to Deadlifts, I did a few accessory exercises and was wiped out by the time I was finished. I thought I could top off the session with 2,000 meters on the rowing machine but I was spent after the first 100 meters. I had to dig deep just to finish 1,000 meters, at which point I called it a day and headed home.

I was doing pretty good with my diet throughout the day. When it came time for dinner I felt like I could use the extra carbs and opted for spaghetti and meatballs instead of pork or chicken again. Even with dinner coming close to 900 calories, I was under for the day by 435 calories. In hindsight I probably should have had pork or chicken, any way you slice it 2,600 calories is a lot for one day.


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