Weight Loss Progress: 160 Days and Resting

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It has been about ten days since my last Weight Loss Progress Blog Post and, to be honest, not a whole lot has changed. After making adjustments to my Macro Nutrients and Caloric Intake, I saw an immediate reduction in weight. Shortly after that, things rebounded back to normal and I’ve been gaining and losing the same three pounds ever since.

The good thing is that my average weight has basically remained the same. That isn’t ideal, however, considering I’ve increased my caloric intake substantially, it is great that I’m not steadily gaining weight. What is even more interesting is that I’m still averaging out at the same weight even though I haven’t been to the gym at all this week.

Late last week I decided that I needed a little break. I have been working hard in the gym at seeing positive changes when I look into the mirror. While doing bicep curls one day, I developed a pain in my forearm. Imagine shin splints but instead of the pain being in your leg, put it in your forearm. I reduced the weight on my bicep curls but the ache was dull and lingered between gym sessions. I found that anytime I gripped something with even moderate force, it aggravated my forearm.

I decided that I earned a little break and would take some time off to rest and recuperate. This week has been great and all of my miscellaneous aches and pains are gone. I even feel stronger now than I did at this time last week. Don’t be confused though, I haven’t spent a week sitting in front of the television eating junk food.

My week off coincided with my wife’s week-long break (she goes to school full time in the evening). With a little more free time available to me, I hit the woods and did a little hunting. I use the term hunting loosely, ultimately it was a lot of hiking and not seeing much other than birds and squirrels.

Even though I was ‘on a break’, I threw on some sweats and decided to go for a run, over the weekend. At this point it was probably six to eight weeks since I’ve done any actual running. I wrap up my gym sessions with cardio on an elliptical machine. The machine, set with a fair bit of resistance, has given me the false impression that I could still pick up and run three miles without issue. Let me tell you, my time on the trail was a real eye opener.

I ran 2.43 miles in 28 minutes and was exhausted. Instead of running straight through, like I’ve been able to in the past, I had to take several walk-breaks to catch my breath. I’ve learned the hard way that the elliptical is an awesome machine to supplement my cardio, not be a replacement for good, old fashion running.

On Monday my week long vacation, of sorts, will come to an end and I’ll be getting back on track with my workout routine. I’ll be going to the gym three days per week, as usual, but I have big changes for the days in between. The biggest change comes in the form of INSANITY by Beachbody. Thanks to an awesome reader, I was sent a free workout set and I can’t wait to get started.

With the return of cardio to my routine, I expect to see the scale begin to move again. I’ve heard a lot of reports that say INSANITY does a great job of reducing inches, not necessarily reducing pounds. I’m not sure what my results will be but I’ll be happy with either.


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