Would You Trust a Knockoff Holster?

A few days ago I was browsing the PA2A ForumOpens in a new tab. when I came across a thread that caught my eye. With a title like Knockoff HolsterOpens in a new tab., I thought it could be interesting. After reading the thread, I thought it would make for an interesting topic on comparing prices between Name-Brand and Knockoff Holsters.

When I came back to the thread to begin writing up this post, things took an unexpected turn. During my initial read through, I didn’t notice that the Ebay Seller’s Handle was listed. I did a quick search to find out where the holster came from and got an instant bad vibe. This wasn’t just some no-name holster being re-sold on Ebay, it was a blatant knockoff.

Crossbreed Supertuck Knockoff Holster - 3

I realize that there hasn’t been anything groundbreaking in the Hybrid Holster world for some time now. I also realize that the chances of this holster performing as advertised are good. My hangup with it is calling the holster Crossbreed Supertuck Style. Had it been described as an Hybrid IWB Holster with a similar size and shape to Crossbreed, I think I would have been far less bothered.

Looking further, it would appear that those who have purchased the Crossbreed Supertuck Style Holster have been pleased with the product. I’m not convinced this is the best option for anyone looking for a modestly priced holster (Crossbreed has a store dedicated to SecondsOpens in a new tab.).

Crossbreed Supertuck Knockoff Holster - 2

Ask The Readers

Would you trust a Knockoff Holster or do you feel that a Hybrid Holster is a Hybrid Holster, no matter who’s name is on it?


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9 thoughts on “Would You Trust a Knockoff Holster?

  1. You know I swear by Crossbreed so I wouldn’t buy this one, as far as knockoffs… I try not to buy any knock offs of any product, so I probably would avoid this at all costs

    1. I would buy another Crossbreed if I could get a great deal on a Blem / Second. If I’m paying full price, I think Concealment Solutions makes a better quality product.

  2. You get what you pay for I always say! A knock off would be ok for practice, but I don’t think I’d use it to carry

  3. If I were in the market for Crossbreed style holster, I would likely buy this one 1st. I typically despise rip-offs (still do) but this one doesn’t have the religious clips and is owned by the founder of Crossbreed.

    He and I got in an internet argument a few years back (before WTBGU!) and I never forgot.

    1. Ron,
      I’ve always just assumed Mark Craighead built Crossbreed from the ground up. Was it just a case of one guy selling a company or is there an interesting story behind it?

  4. Well. I guess I’d have to consider a few things. Are there any significant differences in materials that necessitate the 3x cost of the crossbreed? In that case, they aren’t infringing but offering a truly generic version, lacking quality, corresponding with value. If they ARE the SAME then I wonder why Crossbreed charges 3x the cost than are being sold on ebay by someone making their own rendition. If someone can afford to spend that extra 60 on ammo on and range time, I’d feel better with them carrying.

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