Zena Rae Ross at the 11th Annual Lancaster Archery Classic

Imagine standing in a line, shoulder to shoulder, with competitors. Behind you, a crowd fills the room with a chatter of voices. Out in front of you is a target, twenty yards away. Your objective is to loose an arrow and strike a target smaller than a quarter. Over the weekend, hundreds of shooters will take on the challenge at the 11th Annual Lancaster Archery Classic.

While many watched Live Video to see the Professionals battle for top position, I was more interested in the Youth Class. A friend and shooting partner, Zena Rae Ross, was in attendance. Zena began shooting at 12:30 and I was glued to my laptop, refreshing the Live ResultsOpens in a new tab. after each end to see how she was coming along.

One thing became very obvious, the Youth shooting the Lancaster Archery Classic were very impressive. Zena shot against some very tough competition and came away with 517 of a possible 660 points. Her shooting was consistent, scoring 285 in her first round and 286 in her second, averaging 9.52 points per arrow.

More Competitors are scheduled to shoot their qualification rounds tomorrow. Once all scores are complete, the best scores will move on in the tournament and ultimately compete in the Shoot-Up on Sunday.

Zena was featured twice on the Lancaster Archery Classic Live Stream. Both of those appearances have been spliced together to make the video I have at the head of the post. If you are interested in seeing all of the video, head over to the Lancaster Archery Live Stream PageOpens in a new tab..

Zena - Lancaster Archery Classic - Final Score


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  1. Thank You for the coverage and support. Coming from a proud father, I know Zena appreciated everyone watching and cheering her on. This was her first time shooting at the Classic, we learned a lot about what it takes to compete. Time spent in the stand hunting doesn’t keep your shooting sharp for this early season match. Next year she plans to start practice before the holidays in preparation. Lancaster but on a fantastic event, we really enjoyed our time there. Again thanks to everyone for your support and a special thanks to Walt for the excellent summary.

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