A Berks County Snow Fall

Walt's Backyard - Snow Pic 1
As I made my way to work on Monday morning, to my surprise there was a light snow falling. This caught me off guard because I didn’t remember the forecast calling for snow until much later in the morning. When I am expecting snow, I like to leave a few minutes early so that I can quickly get my steps and sidewalk shoveled or salted before leaving.

Skipping the normal snow routine, I made my way to work. After completing my normal routine of posting a daily discussion topic on Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab., checking my email, and breezing through the previous nights tweetsOpens in a new tab., I checked the weather forecast.

An hour and a half after arriving at work, the sun begins to light up the sky and I draw open my office curtains. To my surprise, it was still snowing. Nothing was accumulating at this point but it was coming down pretty good. When I glanced out the window a few hours later, it was still coming down at a decent rate.

Nine hours after arriving at the office, it was finally time to head home. Just like before, the snow was still coming down. At this point it was beginning to accumulate on the roads, which were not prepped for this unexpected accumulation.

Walt's Backyard - Snow Pic 2Snow is not all that uncommon for Pennsylvania, but you would have thought that it was the first time anyone on the road had seen it. People were crawling down otherwise busy streets doing less than 5mph. After an agonizing forty-minute drive (roughly five miles), I was finally home. Shortly after bringing in the mail and getting myself something to drink, the snow stopped falling and the sky cleared up.

I took this opportunity to take my new Nikon D40 out for a test drive. I snapped a few pictures from my porch and a few more from behind my house. After about a dozen photos, I climbed the almost vertical hill in my backyard and took a few more. After slipping on the snow twice while on the hill, I called it quits and headed back inside.

This was the first time I had been outside with an SLR in some time. It felt a little awkward at first, but that feeling quickly went away and I was enjoying myself. I’m looking forward to the snow melting and me being able to spend more time in the sunlight to take photos.

Included in this article are two of the photos that I saved from my brief photo-session.

When was the last time you got out
to snap a few pictures for fun?


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

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  1. I did some picture snapping for fun when we had our 6-8 inches of snow a week or so ago. It was nice to get out and take pics of the snow and not really have a purpose.

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