An Off Day At The Range

An Off Day At The Range - 1

On Monday I morning I woke up feeling run down. In an effort to shake off the lousy feeling, I wanted to get up and moving. I started by hopping into the shower then making myself a piping hot cup of coffee. As I sipped my coffee and puffed on a cigar, I thought it would be fun to head over to the range while my wife, daughter, and dog slept in for the holiday.

When I arrived at the range there was a father and son enjoying their Independence Day by shooting together. I hung out at my car for a few minutes, at which point they approached me to let me know that they wouldn’t be too much longer (They were shooting rifle and I was planning on shooting pistol, which can’t be done at the same time). A few minutes later, the three of us were on the firing line together getting ready to send a variety of calibers down range.

I started the day with my wife’s .22 LR Beretta Neos. As usual, my shots were going high and to the right. To correct this, I held low and to the left. By holding about where I felt I needed to, my shots were grouping in a god position, although the group was getting spread out. I fired at least one-hundred rounds through the pistol and was fairly happy with the results.

With a smile on my face, I picked up my 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P. From fifteen yards, our group of three began firing. My first ten rounds were all over the target. Surprised by such a wild bunch of shots, I loaded another magazine and gave it another try. This time my shots were better but still in no real group. I began to get frustrated, which made the next magazine worse than the one before it.

At this point I am frustrated and determined to tighten the group. I take things slow and begin over-analyzing everything. I check my stance, my grip, the way I press the trigger. This makes things even worse and I begin thinking that I should just pack it up and head home instead of wasting a bunch of ammunition. The stubborn side of me said no, keep shooting until you get it right or run out of ammo. Well, I didn’t get it right and was completely out of 9mm with nothing to show for it besides holes spread wildly in a paper target,

Against my beter judgement, I packed up my Smith & Wesson M&P and got my Springfield XD Sub Compact ready to shoot. Instead of taping up the center mass section of my target, I thought that I would just shoot at the head area with the .40 S&W bullets. As you probably guessed, these shots were all over the place as well.

With the frustration mounting, I fired off a few magazines to try and bring the shots together into a decent group. On this day, it just wasn’t happening. After fifty rounds, I packed up my guns and cleaned up my brass. I said goodbye to the guys and made my way home.

I must have just had an off day. I haven’t shot that poorly in some time. What was supposed to be a relaxing morning at the range wound up being a frustrating waste of roughly one hundred fifty rounds of ammunition. Next time, I think I’ll accept the fact that I’m having an off day and pack it up early.

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Ask The Readers

What do you do when you have an off day at the range?


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6 thoughts on “An Off Day At The Range

    1. Corey,
      Thanks! I was very happy with the way it came out. I’ll probably change out the photos and video footage as I go along, to reflect new shooting.

  1. Off days happen occasionally for me as well and I’ve been shooting for over 20 years. I usually will just shoot .22LR on those days to keep the cost down.

  2. True changing the photos out to keep up with the shooting is a good idea, that and some photos of my stellar shooting couldn’t hurt either!!! haha Yeah right!!!

  3. Curious, are you using the tip end of your finger when pulling the trigger? If you are pressing on the trigger farther down your finger it will tend to cause you to pull in one direction. This is one thing I was taught early on in my training. Just a tip that helped me. Keep practicing, you’ll only get better.
    Really enjoying the videos.

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