An Update on my Notebook

Notebook - June 9th

Last week I stumbled onto an article on Medium that Inspired me to Carry a Notebook. I’ve been keeping that notebook handy ever since. When I leave for work, I stick it in my lunch bag and bring it along. When I head out of the house and plan on being somewhere for a while, I keep it close by.

Despite having the notebook at the ready, I’m not using as often as I’d like. I think part of that reason is because I have terribly sloppy handwriting. I’m working on it but seriously, it can be difficult to read at times.

Since reading that initial article, I’ve stumble onto another outlining how to start a bullet journal. Essentially, a bullet journal is cross between a diary, a journal, and a list. At its core there is a key so that you can quickly mark items as complete, scheduled, or any other tag you’d like.

Bullet journals not only include the key necessary to decipher your marks and symbols, it also includes an index, page numbers, calendar, and space for longer and more detailed entries. Some aspects of the bullet journal appeal to me (the key and symbols, for instance) while others seem a bit over the top (an index and hand made calendar).

Because I’d like to get in the habit of using my notebook more, I think I’m going to start using it a little more like a bullet journal. Only time will tell how it works for me but I’ll be sure to post another update in a week or two.


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