Another Milestone on the Treadmill

Treadmill MilestoneWhen I was finished, I felt like I had just pulled myself out of a swimming pool, fully clothed. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in a single workout. It was a little gross but mostly awesome.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on me lately, you probably already know that I just couldn’t force myself out of bed yesterday and make it over to the gym for a morning workout. Instead, I decided to switch my days around, hitting the treadmill in my basement instead of the weights at the gym.

Throughout the day I added a little more carbs than usual and made myself a protein shake before stepping onto the treadmill. I fired up last weeks episode of Extreme Weight Loss (I’m not really one for weight loss TV shows but I like Chris Powell’s 365-Day Approach).

After an hour and twenty two minutes, the show ended. I ran a slow and steady pace and racked up a little over five miles. Being a little OCD, I thought why not just go for a nice and even six miles? After a grand total of ninety minutes I reached my goal and began the much needed cool-down.

I’m not going to win any races with the slow and steady approach but it is a progression. As I run more and more, I’ll slowly sprinkle in more speed. For now I’ll jut pat myself on the back for running farther and longer than I have in a very long time.


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