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Stack of Books - 1Over the last couple months, I have been doing pretty well in providing some sort of book related posts once per week. Most often those posts were some sort of book review accompanied by a video of sorts. This week I was unable to continue my reading pace and do not have a review for you.

The book I am currently reading hasn’t been able to hold my attention like the first book in the series. As a result, I’m finding myself picking it up less and less. In the event that I do pick it up, I’m finding that I’m reading a chapter and setting it aside for something that holds my interest a bit better.

I hope to spend the long holiday weekend powering through the book and getting caught up on some other things. In the meantime, I thought it might be worth-while to fill you in on what I have on my agenda to read over the next couple of months.

I went on a little bit of a buying spree and have a number of books backlogged to work through before I order any new titles. I’m unsure of what order I’ll be reading the books in, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on the videos to see what direction I go in after finishing up the “Mistborn” Series.

  • Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson (Book 2 of Mistborn Trilogy)
  • The Hero Of Ages by Brandon Sanderson (Book 3 of Mistborn Trilogy)
  • Assassin’s Apprentice By Robin Hobb (Book 1 of Farseer Trilogy)
  • Royal Assassin By Robin Hobb (Book 2 of Farseer Trilogy)
  • Assassin’s Quest By Robin Hobb (Book 3 of Farseer Trilogy)
  • The Malloreon Volume 1 By David Eddings (Books 1 through 3 of The Malloreon Series)
  • The Malloreon Volume 2 By David Eddings (Books 4 and 5 of The Malloreon Series)
  • The Law of Nines by Terry Goodkind

In addition to my recent purchases listed above, I have a handful of other titles that have been on my bookshelf for far too long. I may begin to mix in those books between series so that I can get them off of my “to read” list and onto my “have read” list.

What books to do you on your agenda?


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2 thoughts on “Books waiting to be read

  1. none really – I have a bunch of Star Trek books (yes, I am a geek :p) to read, but usually find myself watching movies or playing games on the PS3 rather than reading. Also, I dont want the books to spoil any upcoming movies or series =)


  2. I have far too many to mention, I think I will die long before I get even close. I really can’t imagine live without them. I can do without Twitter and PS3’s.

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