Changing Mods on an Elite E35

Before Christmas rolled around, I made the decision that a new bow wasn’t in my immediate future and that I should focus my time and energy (as well as my budget) on breathing some new life into my 2011 Elite Pulse.

One of the upgrades I made on that bow was a new set of strings and cables from Superior Bowstrings (which I’m currently having stretch issues with). Never having done any work outside of tying in a peep, I asked a friend and fellow Stowe ArchersOpens in a new tab. member to lend me a hand.

I learned quite a bit changing the strings and felt comfortable doing similar work to my new Elite Energy 35 (I came across a local deal I couldn’t pass up). Being a used bow, it wasn’t setup for my draw length and required a mod change.

The process itself really wasn’t difficult. I think it took more time setting up the press than it did to actually swap out the mods.

In an attempt to take it slow and not screw anything up, I swapped out one mod and then moved on to the next. As I pulled the cables off, I actually tied them off to the press itself to avoid adding or removing twists (the cable for what I called the low-post got tied off down low and just the opposite for the high-post).

With the new mods in place, I moved on to setting up my arrow rest and sight. In about an hour and a half, I was shooting pretty well at twenty yards.


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