First Impressions: Zino Classic No. 6

Zino Classic - No. 6

Last weekend I had a little extra free time and decided to get ahead of the curve and record two First Impressions videos. Deciding to tackle another review in the morning with coffee, I opted to continue on my tour of Davidoff of GenvaOpens in a new tab. produced cigars. This time I take a look at the Zino Classic which is more of a value line in terms of Davidoff pricing.

The Positive:

  • Excellent draw which produced plenty of smoke
  • Excellent burning characteristics

The Negative:

  • Doesn’t stand up to Davidoff White Labels in terms of Value
  • Flavor profile that was kind of boring
  • Not nearly as visually appealing as other Davidoff lines

You should know that I am a big advocate of not judging a cigar based on a single sample. I feel that three cigars are necessary to formulate an honest opinion. With that in mind, please be aware that these videos will act as a video diary, of sorts, for a series of cigars that will be reviewed in much more detail on Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab..

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Zino Classic – No. 6?


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