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Over the last couple of months I have been hitting the Gun Hobby pretty hard. Along with increased shooting and reading, I have been listening to a variety of podcasts on the subject. It all started with a podcast that I was listening to last year, Down Range Radio with Michael Bane. I’m a fan of the show but I wish the show were more about guns themselves and shooting techniques rather than the broad topic of gun related news and events.

I decided to branch out and see what else was out there. I came across the Gun Rights Radio NetworkOpens in a new tab. and started looking into the variety of shows available. Below is a small list of the shows that I find myself listening to most often.

Gun Dudes:

I must admit, the first Gun Dudes episode that I listened to left me a little frustrated. I was listening to a group of guys talk about all things gun related. They covered news, shooting techniques, and gun & accessory reviews. Included in this lineup was a sprinkling of politics (I can deal with a sprinkling, if done properly).

Back to the frustrated part, the show is presented as a group of guys sitting down together and talking guns. They have a tendency to talk over one another and crack jokes. It is all in good fun but sometimes I feel like good, solid, information is being talked over and I strain to hear it.

After a few episodes I got into a groove and found myself really enjoying their style. As of late I have been burning past episodes to disc and listening to them during my daily commute (which isn’t long so a single episode lasts a couple of days). In a recent episode they even answered a question that I sent in (lots of cool points here). Of my current podcast lineup, Gun Dudes is easily my favorite both for information and entertainment.

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The Gun Dudes


I think that I stumbled on to the ProArms podcast after listening to an episode of The Gun Dudes. The guys had good things to say about the show, so I searched them out on the Gun Rights Radio Network. The show is produced by Gail from the Massad Ayoob Group (Massad Ayoob is the author of Gun Proof Your Children, which I recently reviewed)

The show takes a different approach and deals more with dangerous situations and the aftermath of a shooting. Interviews are featured and a tremendous wealth of information is presented. The very first episode that I listened to was a recounting of the Arizona Shooting by Joe Zamudio (Joe tackled the shooter). After the story is told, Massad Ayoob and guests at the MAG 40 class ask questions, which delves deeper into the scene.

After listening to the Joe Zamudio episode, I found myself going as far back as December 2010 to take in all of what the podcast has to offer. The interviews are fantastic and I intend to listen back as far as possible to absorb all of the information that I can.

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The ProArms Podcast

Gunfighter Cast:

The Gunfighter Cast was another podcast that I came across due to the Gun Rights Radio Network. The show is hosted by Daniel Shaw (Shaw? As the Gun Dudes would say). Daniel is an active duty Marine stationed in Japan. His show highlights training techniques to better your shooting.

The episode that got me hooked was Daniel’s account of the Earthquake and Tsunami that recently hit Japan. Daniel put together a pair of short episodes that looked at his survival kit and how he felt it performed in his situation. It was an eye opener as to why everyone should keep a pack with essentials on hand (just in case that “Shit Hits the Fan” scenario strikes).

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The Gunfighter Cast

The Urban Shooter

The Urban Shooter Podcast is produced by Rev. Kenn Blanchard (Author of Black Man with a Gun). The podcast takes on the roll of a variety show as a range of gun related topics are discussed. The focus seems to be more on people (gun owners). This creates a very laid back and comfortable atmosphere.

In addition to the talk portion of the show, Kenn reads an action series on Zombies. This action series really isn’t my thing (I’m more of a Fantasy guy and not into Action and Horror so much) so I generally skip past it. Even though it isn’t my thing, the reading is very popular and in high demand.

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The Urban Shooter

Down Range Radio

As I said in the opening portion of this post, I have been an off and on listener of Down Range Radio for a while now. The podcast is presented by Michael Bane from Down Range TV on the Outdoor Channel. It is said to be the audio incarnation of the show (I haven’t seen the show in ages).

I find myself listening to this show when I’m finished with all of the others listed above. It makes for interesting background talk radio in the car, as I drive my daughter home from the babysitter. The show is driven by opinion type topics (For instance, Michael’s thoughts on the Gun Runner AFT scandal) and the host’s accounts of shooting events and guns.

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Down Range Radio

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I add to my current rotation?


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - Iā€™m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

11 thoughts on “Gun Podcasts

  1. You gotta show a little love for Doc Wesson at the Gun Nation Podcast, he is a fellow cigar botl and although his podcast is sporadic, it is filled with science and is always informative.

    Doc also is on the roundtable discussions.

    I’ve listened to all of the above on a regular basis and enjoy them all, but ProArms is my favorite. I got to spend a day with Mas, Gail, Chris, John and Terry a few years ago at the IDPA nationals and they are the best. Couldn’t ask for nicer people to spend time with. Some of their podcasts have the most incredible interviews with law enforcement officers.

    1. Mitch,
      I’ll have to give Gun Nation another try. A while back I burned a single episode of a bunch of podcasts to disc and listened to them in my car. Gun Nation was one of the ones that I wound up skipping. Overall the show was good but there came a point where someone on the show was doing a report (I think it was on a gun) and he just went on and on. After what felts likes hours of a monotone report, I skipped to the next podcast. I haven’t gone back yet, but I intend to give it another try (I want to like the show based on Doc Wesson being a cigar smoker)

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I understand, Doc has been focusing on certain subjects for a while and if you aren’t into “level action” or “revolvers” you can get lost in the topic. He also has a guy on who does handgun reviews that I find to be very worthwhile. (Average Joe or something like that). You may be better off to find a topic that interests you and give him another try. Plus Doc told me he once had lunch with EP Carillo, so that alone should make you want to listen. lol

    Proarms- check out episode 054 with Jeff Hall, As a writer you will certainly appreciate the true life first hand account he delivers in an interview. Great stuff!

    1. Mitch,
      I’ll give Doc another shot as soon as I’m finished with the last disc that I burned for the car.

      I haven’t gotten that far back on the ProArms Podcast. I’m not far away and should listen to it in a week or two. Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Mitch,
      I’m giving Doc another try now and enjoying this episode much better. The Average Joe review is a bit long but full of interesting info.

  3. You know I have never listened to a gun or any Podcast for that matter. I really only use a computer at work and I can’t do to much there. I will have to check this out. Sounds like you can pick up some good and interesting stuff. Keep up the good work.


    1. Corey,
      The beauty of a Podcast is that you can listen to them pretty much anywhere. You simply download the MP3 file and do with it whatever you like. For instance, if your phone has a built in music player, you can load it on there (or an iPod) and listen while you enjoy a cigar.

      I like to burn episodes to disc and play them in my car (far less commercials than traditional radio).

      Or if you have a bunch of stuff to do on the computer, you can listen to it in the background as you work/research/game.

      Let me know what you think of them if you get a chance to listen

      Thanks for the comment

  4. Walt, et al….
    Thanks for giving me another chance šŸ™‚
    I am working on the shows being a little less sporadic now…. it is tough …. I develop ballistic materials for the mil and gov and it takes a ton of time.. plus I have a 4 y.o. (I am 46 so you know that takes energy) and I do 2 other podcasts as well… the Bar Stool discussion, hosted w/ Mark Vanderberg ( on the Gun Rights Radio Network (, the other one is for the USAF Aux, which I am in.. so that takes some time too…. life is good…..
    The Bar Stool Discussion is a great cast.. it is LIVE… on Wed. nite (every other wed) @ 9pm EDT (next show is July 27 and we will be having Denny Chapman from Top Shot Season 1 on to take calls).
    Anyone can listen to the live stream by going to the website at or then follow instructions on the page to call in using your phone or computer… we also have a chatroom you can join in and type along with everyone else… we respond to them on air if we catch them… it is a blast… AND OH YEAH… IT IS CALLED BAR STOOL DISCUSSIONS FOR A REASON.. We enjoy the world of ADULT LIBATIONS….. we always are having something new to enjoy.. and YES.. I occasionally have a delicious cigar….mmmmm
    So pour your favorite …. light up and listen to a couple hours live with us… call in!!!! Tell me what you are smoking!
    Speaking of which… I found this website and this post by happenstance.. it is bizarre…. I was searching for some cigar sites… and Voila here I am… I happened to see Mitch’s name (which I am familiar w/ on facebook) and thought I’d drop by…..
    I am a Hoyo man….. tried and true… but also like El Rey, Partagas, Punch.. La Gloria.. etc.. but have recently been loving me some Mayorga…. the High Octain and the Maduros… excellent… My staple is the Consuegra bundles (the holy grail) that are Hoyo, El Rey, Punch, etc.. seconds…. got the flavor.. not the price….. think I will go light one up now…

    1. Doc,
      Thank for taking the time to leave a comment. It is funny that you stumbled onto my blog when looking for cigar websites. I hope you also came across another website I work on,

      I’ll make myself a note and try to check out the bar Stool Discussion next Wednesday at 9:00

      Sounds like you are a fan of General Cigar product. If you get the opportunity, give the new Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary a try. I also like the El Perrito from La Gloria Cubana. They aren’t much to look at (ugly little cheroots) but they have great flavor and come in at under $2.00 per stick.

      Again, thanks for the comment. I look forward to checking out the Bar Stool Discussion.

      1. I did see StogieReview…
        Yes I am a General fan….
        I live 20 mins from JR Cigars biggest facility, in Burlington NC.. that is where they ship out of for mail order and internet. I have had a couple of sticks with Lou himself on occasion, when he is in town. My airfield is near there so I go by it multiple times a week sometimes.. The car usually pulls me into the lot without me even knowing it…
        I like cigars that are more of the old Cuban tradition.. peppery, earthy, robust… sometimes I go lighter.. but not normally.. I drink my whiskey strait, drink black robust coffee and enjoy my smokes the same way. I have seen the El Perritos but have not gravitated towards them because as you say.. they are like cherroots in fashion… but being a big fan of La Gloria, El Credito and anything Ernesto (very nice guy, I have some pics of us together on puter at home) has done.. I would love to get some now.. like tonight…
        Yes.. our live show is wed at 9 edt… but we upload the hifi version a day or two afterwards.. so anyone can go now and listen to them in CD quality sound.. So anyone can catch up on them, or if they missed one pick it up in archive… the live shows sound like AM radio, but the upload is CD quality… Call in and tell me what you are drinking and smoking that nite.. we like that….
        Maybe one day I can see the GNP and Bar Stool in pink at the top of this post!!! haha.. kidding… I kid….
        Thanks for the reply!

        1. Doc,
          I’ve got a couple episodes of ProArms left on my “Commute CD”, when it is finished I’ll get the archived episodes of Bar Stool Discussion in the rotation. At some point I’ll need to do a “Gun Podcast v2.0” post as I have stumbled onto a couple more interesting shows.

          I’ve never met Lou but I have spoken with Ernesto and his son Ernie on several occasions. They are both very nice and very humble people. Ernesto’s new line, EP Carrillo, seems to be doing pretty well. I especially like his New Wave Connecticut and Core Line Maduro.

          I know what you mean about the car taking control and pulling into the lot. There was a local cigar shop that I visited every Friday for about 4 years until it closed. Without even thinking about it, I’d find myself pulling into the parking lot on a Friday afternoon to enjoy a cigar. The same has been happening with a local gun shop, I can’t resist the urge to stop in and look to see what he has in the cases (does a lot of trading and selling of used guns, so the stock is constantly changing)

          Thanks for the comment

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