Happy Birthday to Me

Nook and Cigar - 1

Last week I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday. Ever since turning twenty-one, I haven’t seen birthdays as the exciting days that I used to. I suppose in my youth, each year drew me closer to the legal drinking age. Once I crossed that milestone, there wasn’t anything else to get excited about.

At twenty-five, I received an auto insurance discount but that is hardly something to mark the calendar for. Despite my lack of enthusiasm, my wife loves birthdays. Even though I told her not to get me anything, she did. Not only did she get me a gift, she blew me away with that gift.

After a normal day at work, I came home to a smiling wife and two gifts. The first one that I opened was from my daughter (Obviously a 3 week old couldn’t go shopping but her name was on the gift and I thought it was cute).I smiled from ear to ear at the two My Father brand cigars and a cute monster card.

The second gift was from my wife, a Barnes & Noble Nook. I have wanted one for a couple of months now but couldn’t justify the purchase. She not only got me something that I hadn’t realized I told her I wanted, but she researched several eReaders and double checked with a tech-savvy friend of mine (Jerry CruzOpens in a new tab.).

The Nook came with a joke, “The Nook is actually for the both of us. Now you can continue reading, which I know you love to do, and I’ll have a bookshelf that no longer overflows with Fantasy novels.”

If you are on the fence about getting a Nook for yourself, keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks because I plan to do a write-up of my experience with the device. So far it has been fantastic, as were the cigars.


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