I Don’t Know How I’ve Lived Without Bluetooth Earbuds

Aukey Bluetooth EarbudsLike most people, before I ever start exercising I reach for my phone and earbuds. If I’m running, I listen to a podcast and try to educate or entertain myself. If I’m lifting, I like to hear driving music that is likely to motivate me to push harder.

My preference for music delivery is earbuds. I’d love a good set of over the ear headphones but I’m a sweater. By the time my workout is done I’d probably have them drenched and on the verge of shorting out.

While I prefer earbuds, they present their own set of problems. I have small ear openings and often times I need to get the smallest size bud available (I generally use Skull Candy which comes with multiple size buds). If I try to get away with using an earbud too large, it doesn’t seat properly in my ear and winds up falling out.

Another issue that drives me insane is the wire. Have you ever been in the squat rack, driving a loaded barbell when suddenly the wire for your headphones catches on your knee and rips the speaker from your ear?

Speaking of the wire, since I carry my phone in a pocket while exercising, the wire tends to get moved around. It isn’t too uncommon to be in the middle of an exercise when the music suddenly stops and the all too familiar chime of Siri comes through the earbuds. The problem isn’t pressing a button, it must have something to do with the wire getting twisted and causing resistance which in turn activates Siri on my iPhone.

Despite the annoyances, I won’t exercise without my earbuds. I’ve been thinking about getting a new pair recently. The pair I currently use has seen better days and when I came across a Kinja Deal on a set of Aukey Bluetooth EarbudsOpens in a new tab. for something like $18.00 with a discount code.

Considering the price, I thought it was a worthwhile gamble and put an order in. When the earbuds arrived a couple of days later I charged them up and gave them a shot. They took a little getting used to, they are larger and heavier than my previous earbuds but I am completely sold on them now.

I can run for an extended period of time and they don’t pop out of my ears (they have a soft little hook that catches the inside of your ear). Best of all, I can lift weights in the gym and no longer have to worry about getting tangled up in the wire.

The jury is still out when it comes to durability and battery life but so far I’m very happy with them. Even at the full price of $29.99 I think they are a solid buy.

What do you use to deliver music while exercising?


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