IDPA Props: Your Break It, You Bought It?

Just a few hours ago, I returned from my very first IDPA Match. I shot the Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club match with a friend of mine, Scott Bloom. While shooting the most elaborate stage of the day, Scott damaged a prop. There seemed to be mixed opinions on this. Since he damaged it, should he be required to pay for its repair or replacement?

Just to be clear, Scott did not have malicious intentions and this was an accident. When the Match Director was informed, his only concern was if there was a safety infraction that caused the damage. When he learned there was no unsafe action, he dismissed the issue and refused to take any money from Scott. Other shooters, however, felt as though he should be responsible for the props replacement. Those grumblings from our fellow shooters are the reason for this post.

IDPA at Lower Providence - Stage 8Lower Providence IDPA – Stage 8 – July 2012 Monthly Match

As I mentioned, this stage was the most elaborate of the match. The shooter was to sit inside of a truck with one leg outside, touching the ground, one hand on the steering wheel, and one hand on the door. At the buzzer, the shooter was to step out of the truck and begin engaging targets.

When the truck door was closed, a series of moving target were activated. Near the hood of the truck, one target rose and fell out of view. Near the bed of the truck, a target rose, straight up, and fell out of view. Both of these targets remained out of view once they fell. The second target could still be seen after it fell and Scott, excited from his first IDPA Match, put two rounds into the visible head.

Both rounds passed through the head of the target and struck a support post behind it. The post was about an inch wide and it was a fluke that Scott struck it once, let alone twice. Scott was issued a Procedural Penalty for shooting the target and his hits did not count.

IDPA Prop Damage - 1

Ask The Readers

If you damage a prop in this manner, should you be required to pay for said prop?
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