Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 11 – Panic Sets In as the Gas Gauge Blinks

Hello and welcome to The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 11. In this episode, I provide a behind-the-scenes update on the WaltInPA Website, YouTube ChannelOpens in a new tab., and Podcast. I wrap up the episode with a story of how I thought I would need to be rescued by my wife when I nearly ran out of gas on my Kawasaki Ninja 400.

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 11 - Photo at Huff's Church

Updates to WaltInPA

In Episode 005 of the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast, I talked about how I wanted to find a way for WaltInPA to become self-sustaining. The first step in this process was to form an LLC and find a way to turn my hobby into a business. I’ve made progress on this front and decided to invest in myself.

During a Black Friday Sale, I finally pulled the trigger on a purchase I’d been on the fence about for over a year. I have purchased an annual membership for Project 24Opens in a new tab. – a program that teaches its members how to build successful online businesses through Websites and YouTube.

I have made drastic changes here on the WaltInPA Website. I’ve ditched the sluggish (but visually appealing – I do miss that) theme and focused on speed and simplicity. I have also begun working on a series of articles that will be published in the coming months. Hopefully, you will find the website changes beneficial.

I Nearly Ran Out of Gas on my Ninja 400

With the temperatures getting colder and the days getting shorter, finding time to ride after work has been challenging. When an opportunity presents itself to work through lunch on a Friday and skip out of work a little early – how could you pass up such a thing?

I planned to take my 2023 Kawasaki Ninja out for a little ride through an Out-and-Back route that I enjoy. It follows along Huff’s Church Road in Huff’s Church, PA. The road doesn’t see too much traffic and has several bends that are loads of fun on a motorcycle.

Before I reached my turn-around point, I decided I wasn’t ready to head home. I detoured and made my way over to Kutztown with the intention of stopping off at Four Monkeys Coffee to warm up. As luck would have it, they were closed, so I continued riding.

As I made my way through Berks County, the weather began to get colder, and my fuel gauge began to dwindle. It was finally time to turn back toward home. Along the way, I got turned around, and before I knew it, my fuel gauge began to flash.

I was mildly concerned but didn’t expect to run out of fuel before returning home. When my estimated range shut off with no gas stations within 10 miles, I began to worry.

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