My Early Thoughts on Google Wave

Google Wave - Screen Capture

Not terribly long ago there was a new service that hit the internet and spread like wildfire. Google announced a project called Google WaveOpens in a new tab. and before long, it seemed as though everyone on Twitter was mentioning it.

Not having invested any time into trying to acquire an account, I thought I would wait until after the project moved away from the invite only preview build. By surprise, a friend on Twitter was kind enough to offer me one of his invites. A short time later I was signed up and poking around the interface.

In the very beginning, after having skipped the hour and a half presentation video, I didn’t really see the benefit to such a service. It struck me as a combination email and instant message platform which wasn’t very appealing to me.

I decided that I was going to stick with it and see just how useful the tool could be to me. This is where Brian HewittOpens in a new tab. and I began using it for Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab.. When Brian and I began collaborating, it immediately struck me as to how useful a service like this is.

At first we created a wave to discuss the usefulness of Google Wave. This was a fun little way of playing with the service to see what I could and couldn’t do without research. Before long we were neck deep in collaborating post ideas, to-do lists, daily discussion topic ideas, and so on and so forth.

In the past things were a lot more difficult. One of us would start a new blog post and save it as a draft. Once we were done with it, we would email the next person in line to take a look at it and make any edits. This chain of ours would continue until the post or article was complete. It was often more trouble than it was worth.

With this new Google Wave platform, we are able to create a Wave and work on it in real time, together. There is no more wasted time in waiting around for the next person in line to review the document. All changes made stand out from the document so that everyone involved can easily see the items that were changed.

The amazing thing is that I have only scratched the surface of what is possible in this preview account. There is a world or possibilities and I am completely sold on the products effectiveness to efficiently collaborate on a project in teal-time. As a collaboration tool alone, I am completely sold on Google Wave.

Do you have a Google Wave account?
What do you think of the service so far?


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2 thoughts on “My Early Thoughts on Google Wave

  1. I think for the items you listed it will work out well, but anything other than collaborating on an idea is kind of useless it seems. Let me rephrase, anything other than LIVE collaborating is kind of useless. I totally agree that for you guys to send drafts to one another, Wave is a perfect tool! Live edits can make everything go a lot faster. I just dont see the need for Wave for normal users who do not have multi-user blogs or dont collaborate on anything. I believe that Wave will be regulated to the business sector for the most usefulness.

    Google Voice hasnt impressed me either! Is it really too hard to give someone your home and cell number, or even just your cell number? If you have more than 2 home numbers to be reached on, you need professional help for your addiction 🙂


    1. Mike,
      Outside of working with people like Brian and Jerry, as well as you and Tony for the Illusione MJ12 Review, I haven;t found much use for Wave.

      Right after I registered and got a feel for it, I tried using it for drafting blog posts here and making to-do lists for other things. What I wound up doing was stopping and asking myself why i wasn’t using a standard word-processor? Unless you have others involved, your probably better off sticking to applications such as EverNote or MS Word.

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