NaNoWriMo – Status Update – Day 6

NaNoWriMo - Day 6

My day six contribution to National Novel Writing Month has come to a close and I feel absolutely invigorated with having chalked up 10,589 words. When I sat down to write this morning, I was a bit down on myself for having fallen behind. With a late start to the day, I didn’t have high hopes for getting very far. I wrote something like two-hundred words before closing my laptop and getting on with my day.

My wife and I had a late morning appointment which lasted longer than I expected. We then decided to visit family, which also lasted a bit longer than I expected. When we finally returned home, I felt as though I lost a lot of valuable writing time. I struggled with the idea of skipping additional writing but thought better of it. Armed with a cigar and a beer, I opened the laptop again and started pounding away at the keyboard.

The chapter I was working on started off slow then blossomed into a piece that I just couldn’t stop adding to. When it finally concluded, I looked down at the word count and smiled. It is getting late and I have to call it a night, but I hope tomorrow leads to a similar writing experience.


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Status Update – Day 6

  1. Hi Walt

    Glad it is going well, keep it up, you have my admiration.

    Really hope we get a chance to read the finished work when this is over?


    1. I’m not sure what I plan to do with it when I’m finished, but it most certainly will not be shelved to spend an eternity collecting digital dust. It is going to need some heavy editing on my end, possibly round or two with a group of beta readers, and then maybe I’ll have someone edit it (I have the grammer skills of a 3rd grader).

      Once it is polished (at least to the best of my ability), I’ll most likely put it up on Smashwords for digital download. By placing it there, rather than just on my site, it will be automatically formated for various eReader devices, including HTML and PDF for reading via computer.

      I don’t to get ahead of myself though, I have a long way to go before it is finished.

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