NaNoWriMo – Status Update – Day 6

NaNoWriMo - Day 6

My day six contribution to National Novel Writing Month has come to a close and I feel absolutely invigorated with having chalked up 10,589 words. When I sat down to write this morning, I was a bit down on myself for having fallen behind. With a late start to the day, I didn’t have high hopes for getting very far. I wrote something like two-hundred words before closing my laptop and getting on with my day.

My wife and I had a late morning appointment which lasted longer than I expected. We then decided to visit family, which also lasted a bit longer than I expected. When we finally returned home, I felt as though I lost a lot of valuable writing time. I struggled with the idea of skipping additional writing but thought better of it. Armed with a cigar and a beer, I opened the laptop again and started pounding away at the keyboard.

The chapter I was working on started off slow then blossomed into a piece that I just couldn’t stop adding to. When it finally concluded, I looked down at the word count and smiled. It is getting late and I have to call it a night, but I hope tomorrow leads to a similar writing experience.


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