The one regret I have with Archery

Indoor Archery - Practice 600 Round - 1

The one regret I have about getting back into the sport of Archery is not seeing the value of an Indoor Archery Range. I got so caught up in re-living childhood memories on an Outdoor Field Course that I forgot how hard it was to walk the woods in bitter cold or trudging through snow.

I’ve been spoiled these past few weeks with fantastic Indoor 3D Archery Shoots at French Creek Outfitters, Reading Archery Club, and Stowe Archers. It seems like I’m spending every moment of my spare time thinking about how nice it would be to head to the range and shoot a Practice Indoor 600 Round.

No matter how much I’d like to head out and shoot, there is one thing standing in my way. I don’t have access to an Indoor Archery Range. Sure, Stowe Archers has an excellent facility but I haven’t been granted access.

The cub requires all members to attend 3 Membership Meetings and 6 Work Parties, in a 12 Month Period, before being granted access. Weather has prevented me from making the last two Membership Meetings and the lack of scheduled Work Parties over the winter has made volunteering difficult.

I’m in a bit of a predicament and not sure what I want to do going forward. Getting indoor access at Stowe is going to take some time. I don’t mind putting in the work but I’d like a place to shoot in the meantime. I suppose I could make a friend, with indoor access, and meet them for practice from time to time. Not being much of a talker makes this a bigger challenge than it seems.

My other option would be to join another club with immediate access to indoor facilities. It appears as though Reading Archery Club gives new members a key card after joining. Their indoor range is every bit as nice as Stowe and they are closer to home.

For the time being, I suppose I’ll just have to make due with Weekly Indoor 3D Fun Shoots at Reading Archery Club and the rotating 2014 Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D Shoots. It means little to no sporadic practice sessions but Spring is quickly approaching and the Outdoor Field Course at Stowe will once again be an option.


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