Reading Archers: 2014 Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D Shootout

2014 Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D Shootout - Reading Archers - Jan 2014

The 2014 Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D Shootout is in full swing. This past weekend, Reading Archers hosted the event with 32 Targets. I had the pleasure of shooting with Zena once again and even brought my daughter along to play the role of cheerleader.

This 3D Shoot was a little different than any other that I’ve shot. It felt like a sprint from start to finish. Part of that was due to my opting to shoot behind Zena. The main reason was that I was being the type of hovering parent that didn’t want to take eyes off their kid for a second.

My daughter did great and was well behaved but that didn’t stop me from worrying. With my daughter only being three and a half, I was ultra-paranoid that she would bump into someone while they were trying to shoot, or worse yet, walk into a quiver and get an eye full of knock.

Being so focused on where my daughter was standing, when it was my time to shoot, I struggled to find my rhythm and make what I felt was a good shot. Even racing through the motions, I still found myself the last guy shooting on the line. I didn’t mind a room full of eyes on me and think shooting USPSA and IDPA (where an entire squad watches your run, from start to finish) plays a huge roll in my not worrying about being watched.

Reading Archers put on a good shoot with a lot of tough shots. I was a bit surprised to see so many small targets stretched out between 20 and 30 yards. In some ways I found it to be more fun than French Creek but I like the occasional 12 yard shot to mix things up.

The shoot was a bit crowded and we wound up waiting a little while to get on the line. Space was kind of tight behind the line and it made keeping my daughter corralled into a safe space a bit of a challenge. No one seemed to mind my daughter being there and I had four people come up to me after the shoot to compliment my daughter on being well behaved (and being so cute – she was acting as my spotter with her toy binoculars).

Despite the long shots on small animals, I hit foam with every shot. When I signed my score card I’m pretty sure it read 311 (which came as a shock since I didn’t feel as though I shot all that well). My daughter and I enjoyed ourselves and we look forward to attending again next month.


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

4 thoughts on “Reading Archers: 2014 Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D Shootout

  1. Natalie was great at the shoot. Being occupied by where she was probably distracted you from over thinking your shooting. They say the best shooters disconect from the mechanics during competition and let the hours of training go to work. See ya next week at Stowe.

    1. Troy,
      Are you shooting Stowe both days or just one? It looks like Sunday is the monthly meeting so I was thinking about maybe going late on Sunday so that I could hang around and attend the meeting afterwards (saving myself a trip).

  2. When should we expect to see some video of the indoor 3-D shoots? Since you are a member of Stowe and they are needing help with the posting side of things, I see this being a great opportunity to use your experience to help the club.

    1. Troy,
      Ideally, I’d like to produce Archery Video the same way that I do pistol but that simply isn’t possible at an indoor event (not enough time to reset camera between rounds). I could record it the same way that I did at Hamburg but I wasn’t happy with the final product.

      My next upgrade is going to be a pair of Pivothead Glasses (they have a camera between the eyes and record in HD). I think having the camera mounted to me will make the shot look cleaner than when mounted to the bow. The glasses are a bit spendy and will have to wait a little while. I don’t know that I’ll have them before the indoor season is over.

      The website is one of the reasons I’d like to attend the meeting. It appears as though they got access to it but haven’t done much to update it. The entire site is seriously dated and could use an overhaul. I don’t mind helping, all they have to do is ask.

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