Revisiting the Daniel Boone Homestead

Daniel Boone Homstead - Sawmill - Jan 2009

A little ways back I made mention that I was looking forward to getting back out to the Daniel Boone Homestead, to see how my camera handled outdoors. Due to a string of cold and wet weekends, the trip was postponed on more than one occasion.

A couple of weeks ago I finally got the free time and clear skies to make the trip out. My wife and I had a few things to do later in the afternoon, but we set aside some time in the morning to take a walk around the grounds.

The weather was frigid and majority of the dirt paths around the grounds were covered in ice. We made the best of it anyway and quickly walked the grounds. It wasn’t long before we were finished and back in the warm car.

Sometimes going back to a place to recreate photos can be a lot of fun. This time it was a little boring and unproductive due to the weather. With ice on the ground, I didn’t want to risk dragging my wife and camera back along the horse trails. I used to often walk back on those trails because there is simply lots to see along the creek and in the woods.

With a freezing shutter finger, I managed to snap a few shots in the short time we were there. I enjoyed myself, but I think I may have built the situation up in my head to be more than it actually was. In the end, my wife and I got to do a little walking around a historical site and I came away with a couple of photos that I didn’t have before.

Are there any historical
sites to visit in your area?


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