Sawmill at the Daniel Boone Homestead

A few years ago, when I was very big into photography, I had a group of familiar places that I used to go to when I got bored, or didn’t want to go more than a few minutes from home, to take pictures. The place I went most often was the Daniel Boone HomesteadOpens in a new tab. in Birdsboro, PA. I went here so often because it was only a few minutes away from my old house and it had a trail that could be walked in about forty-five minutes.

Among all of the buildings, my favorites were the Daniel Boone House, followed by the Sawmill. One day while I was bored, I called up a friend to see if he felt up to shooting up a couple of rolls of film at the homestead. He agreed and we met up on site. When we got there it was much more crowded than usual. It seems that we arrived on a re-enactment day.

We headed inside the visitors center and paid our admission to get inside the buildings where presentations were made. It turned out to be a great time that was very informational. I’ve always wanted to go back and see it all again but I’ve never paid close enough attention to the schedule to plan it.

With my new Nikon D40 on the way, I’m chomping at the bit to make it back out to the Daniel Boone Homestead to do it all over again.

While I don’t have any photos of the actors handy, I do have a couple of the sawmill that were taken in Black and White. I’ve always liked taking photos of historical sights in this manner, I think it makes the photos a little more real.

Daniel Boone Homestead - Sawmill - 2002 - 1
Daniel Boone Homestead Sawmill – Front

Daniel Boone Homestead - Sawmill - 2002 - 2
Daniel Boone Homestead Sawmill – Back

Daniel Boone Homestead - Sawmill - 2002 - 3
Daniel Boone Homestead Sawmill – Head-On


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

5 thoughts on “Sawmill at the Daniel Boone Homestead

  1. Hey Walt,

    Nice pics. I recently got into photography and have taken a few. I love historical sites, but not as much as I love taking photos at concerts. If i’m ever out in your area, i’ll twitter you, maybe we could go shoot some(any tips would be appreciated) then go smoke a cigar or two.


  2. Thanks for sharing the photos, only wish I had been the first to comment (just now read ur tweet). I’ve always shot Nikon, finally converted to digital 1.5 yrs ago (Alaska trip). Went with the D80. I love it! It’s actually exceeeded expectation. You’ll love the D40, I have two friends who are thrilled with them.
    All the best,

  3. Always loved B&W film. Nice shots Walt. Ever shot infrared film with different filters? It brings some interesting B&W effects to the photos.

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