Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 37

San Lotano Habano and Buck Bantam - 1

After a week long break spent trying to get well, I have a fresh new episode of Shooting The Breeze for your viewing/listening pleasure. This episode runs about fifty minutes and includes three pieces of news (big thanks to Nick for the help), two pieces of featured content, a cigar and drink pairing, and a disappointing update on my brother’s Taurus 709 Slim.

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In The News:
Featured Content:
Cigar and Drink Pairing:

If you are interested in trying the La Aurora 107
Pick up the phone and order from my preferred retailer.

Buckhead Cigar

Phone: (404) 844-0400 | Twitter: @BuckheadCigarOpens in a new tab. | Web: AskTheCigarGuysOpens in a new tab.

Discussion Topic:

Four weeks ago my brother picked up a Taurus 709 Slim at a local Gun Show. Unfortunately, the gun he purchased had problems and needed to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. In this episode, I spend a few minutes talking about the status of the repair.

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Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

4 thoughts on “Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 37

  1. Damn there are a hell of a lot of ways to get a hold of you!!! ahah Sucks about your experience with Taurus well your Brothers experience. I have stayed away from that company just due to the large amounts of complaints I have heard about them. With Guns being on the rise and such a hot button topic you would think they would stay on top of their products and really make an effort to produce something better. If I know they have problems then they must know they have problems. Great show love the Oval line and most of AJ’s stuff didn’t they also put out a Connie in that line?

    1. Corey,
      I’ve read a bunch of good reviews on the Taurus 709 Slim. Hopefully Taurus takes care of it and my brother never has another issue with the gun.

      I also like the Oval but it is a bit pricey. I picked up a Corona from Sir Stogies the other day and it was close to $8.00. As much as I like them, that is a steep price to pay for such a small cigar.

      There is a San Lotano Connecticut but Sir Stogies only had the Maduro (6×60) and Habano (54×5.00) in stock.

  2. Nice episode Walt. I will give the San Latano a try, I’ve been smoking mostly Alec Bradley Blackmarket.

    A news item for you:

    1. Nick,
      I was browsing a firearm forum yesterday when I saw a new thread that went something like “2 Robers break into the house of Marines”. I thought it was going to be a joke or some type of “chain letter” story so I didn’t bother clicking through.

      It looks like your news story confirms it. It wasn’t a joke, people were dumb enough to try and rob Marines.

      Thanks for sharing.

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