Slimming Down Dad Episode 2: Creating a Sustainable Caloric Deficit

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. This week I was scheduled to do an interview with my good friend Jerry CruzOpens in a new tab.. Jerry and I started Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab. about nine years ago and we have gone through a lot in that time. When I decided to start getting healthy, Jerry was right there. When I fell off the wagon, he continued marching forward and has come a long way.

Unfortunately, due to a scheduling issue that popped up, we had to push the interview to a later date (we were actually trying to squeeze it in right before he left for vacation). In the meantime, I was forced to change gears. Instead of scrambling to put together another interview, I decided to put together an episode outlining some of the successes I’ve had with creating a calorie deficit.

This episode may seem a bit simple to some but I thought it was a good place to start after the introduction I did in Episode 1. If you’re interested in learning about some of the things I’ve done to create a successful calorie deficit for myself, give the episode a listen. Once finished, be sure to drop me a line and let me know what you thought. As I’ve said before, your feedback will help shape the show.

Another aspect of the podcast that I’ve been hard at work on is my Newsletter. If you are interested in receiving periodical emails with show reminders and plans for future episodes, use the form below to sign up.

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but Thank You for taking the time to listen to the Slimming Down Dad Podcast. This project is very important to me and I hope to see it grow into a thriving community where we can all get healthy together.

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