Slimming Down Dad Episode 8: An Interview with Jerry Cruz

Back in May, when I decided that I would launch the Slimming Down Dad Podcast, I was wracking my mind trying to think of people who I could have come on the show. I’m not connected in the fitness industry and I’m not the social butterfly that could easily convince people to come and join me for an episode.

Instead, I turned to my small social network and compiled a short list of people that I thought had an inspiring story to tell. At the top of that list was my very good friend Jerry Cruz.

Jerry and I have known each other for more than 10 years. We started out as fellow gamers playing Battlefield 1942 for the PC (this was long before the console versions of the game came out). We then started a cigar review website together in Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab. and have been in constant contact ever since (we wife jokes that I text Jerry more than I text her – there is probably some truth to that).

About a year ago Jerry decided that he was going to get healthy and started in on his own journey. In that time he has made some fantastic progress and has created a sustainable diet and exercise routine. In this episode we discuss his process, his accomplishments, and his plans going forward.

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Slimming Down Dad Episode 8: An Interview with Jerry Cruz



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