Slimming Down Dad Short: Meal Plan Cliff Notes with Tom Adcock

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Adcock, an old friend of Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab. and the man behind Tom’s Cigars, to discuss his weight loss journey on the Slimming Down Dad PodcastOpens in a new tab..

In that interview, Tom mentioned that a friend sent him some tips via text message for maintaining a healthy weight and that he sometimes opens that text to revisit the information inside. Tom was kind enough to not only send me that text information, he also put together a short audio file for use in a future Slimming Down Dad Short Episode. The text, as well as the expanded audio, can be found below.

You need to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, protein and starch (dairy is good for burning body fat, too).

3-4 hours later, 200 calorie snack. Carb and a protein (ex. Apple and string cheese)

Lunch, shoot for 500 cals. Carb, protein, veg at least. (I sub fruit for veggies tho.)

3 hrs later, 150-200 cal snack, 4-5 hours later dinner, similar to lunch.

If you need a filling snack, a yogurt, diced up apple (or any cut up fruit) with low cal, low sugar, high fiber cereal on top will work

Eat a larger breakfast, 400-500 calories. lunch 500-600. Go crazy and maybe throw in a 200 calorie midafternoon snack. Then 500-600 calorie dinner. It will get your metabolism regularly expecting food. Drink lots of water when you eat, it will make you feel full more quickly

Dairy. If you don’t care for milk, yogurt is a really good substitute. Yogurt should have approximately 100 cals per serving. Some things they call yogurt are horribly high in sugar and fat.

An easy, quick breakfast is peanut butter toast and a banana.

A scoop a yogurt into a bowl and top with a reasonable amt of whole grain cereal.

Lunch should be two servings of starch, 2 proteins and a vegetable. Low sodium V8 is a bit of a cheat, but it counts.

Those healthy choice microwave meals are that are like $2 a piece are ok if time is short.

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