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This week on the Slimming Down Dad Short I decided to do something a little different. I’m always trying to come up with ways to reward those signed up for the Slimming Down Dad Newsletter. Initially it was an early release of the Slimming Down Dad Short but this week I pulled out my handy-dandy video camera and recorded a video of the episode. I hope it serves as an inspiration to sign up (you’ll get to see what my wife affectionately described as my ‘Skeletor Face’) as well serves as a thank you to those that have signed up already.

The content of the episode this week was just a quick update on the release schedule for the podcast. I’m finding that it is extremely difficult to continue releasing on Friday mornings with everything we have going on as a family (I had no idea my daughter playing sports would make me so busy…).

Going forward I’m going to release the full podcast on either Saturday or Sunday morning (I’m still undecided – I may even do Midnight on Sunday). The Slimming Down Dad Short will be moving to a ‘whenever I can fit it in’ schedule and may become unpredictable. My apologies to anyone that prefers the supplemental episodes over the full episodes.

To wrap up the episode I talked briefly about an outing I had with the fine folks from CustomFit TrainingOpens in a new tab..

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