Slimming Down Dad Short: We’ve got movement on the scale once again

Walt - July 3rd in the GymOn the morning of July 3rd I woke up to the obnoxious sound of my alarm clock wailing in the darkness. I hadn’t slept well that night and the last thing I wanted to do was drag myself out of bed.

With Independence Day falling on Saturday this year, I didn’t need to be in the office on Friday. I laid there, in bed, staring at the alarm clock waiting for sleep to take me. 4:00am turned into 5:00am and I still couldn’t fall back to sleep, despite being exhausted. When 6:00am rolled around I resolved to get out of bed and be productive.

I got cleaned up, threw on some clothes, and made the short trip to the gym. The entire time I was there it was just me and one other person working out. It was kind of nice to have an empty gym to exercise in.

After about 90 minutes I walked out the door and made my way over to my car. Once inside the urge struck me to use my iPhone to record a Slimming Down Dad Short Episode. Right there in the parking lot I shared what was on my mind and talked about a week of changes and how the scale was moving once again.


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