The Weight is Feeling Heavy

Starting Strength - Week 2 - Day 2

The last few weeks have been an absolute blur. Between my exercise schedule, work, and family activities, I don’t know if I’m coming or going. My days are beginning to run together and it looks like the madness is going to continue for at least a few more weeks.

Yesterday was so busy that I had to do the unthinkable, I pushed my Starting Strength routine back a day. It isn’t the worst thing I could do but it means working out on Saturday morning. I have a lot going on later in the day and I’m still not sure how I’m going to be in multiple places at once.

In regards to Starting Strength, the Linear Progression is getting heavy. Adding weight each session is adding up fast and it is going to be a serious test to push through a couple more weeks without failure.

Today’s session included 175 pound Squats, 105 pound Presses, and 205 pound Dead Lifts. I don’t foresee any trouble with Saturday’s workout but next week is going to be tough.


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2 thoughts on “The Weight is Feeling Heavy

  1. Wow-vid was a nice surprise addition!

    A slight pause at the top of the Military Lift can hit the upper back between the shoulder blades which is a hard to reach area. Also may be some carryover to Archery!

    My concern is all the running cardio work impact on your legs as the weight builds. May want to consider some non weight bearing cardio at lower effort on non- lifting days ex elliptical, bike, rower at 60% max heart rate.

    Keep up the good work as it’s inspirational!

    1. Paul,
      It’s tough to remember all of the small things while getting under a loaded barbell but I’ve been trying to shrug (hard) and pause at the top. The book Starting Strength mentions doing that for the same reason you do, it targets a hard to reach area in the back.

      The other day I was sitting on the couch, watching tv, with my legs crossed (ankle over knee) when my daughter came over and jumped up to sit in my lap. When she landed on my leg and put pressure across my shin (right / left as opposed to front / back) I saw stars. Walking and running do not produce pain in my shins but pressure from the side can be painful.

      I’ve been considering trading the treadmill for the elliptical on non-lifting days (I usually run longer on non-lifting days).

      Thanks for the suggestions and taking the time to leave a comment.

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