They had no good cigars there, I left the place in disgust

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“They had no good cigars there, my lord; and I left the place in disgust.”
Alfred Lord Tennyson, returning from Venice

Each and every time I read the above quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson, I can’t help but laugh a little. I envision a noble man standing in a caste, white cape gleaming, while a man strides up to him to report his journey. As he stands there, breastplate highly polished, wearing a helmet with a stripe of red rising from the peak like a flaming Mohawk, he reports to his commander that “They had no good cigars there, my lord; and I left the place in disgust“.

While I have never left a place in disgust due to lack of cigars, I feel Lord Tennyson’s pain. On more than one occasion I have gone on family trips and outings, finding myself with some unexpected spare time to enjoy a cigar. More than once I have been stopped in my tracks when I discovered that the closest cigar shop to the town I was staying in was miles and miles away.

Because I have had one too many of those types of experiences, I find myself packing cigars even if I do not expect to smoke one. I also pack a spare or two just in case I am joined on my cigar excursion.

In the occurrence that I know I will be in the vicinity of a cigar shop, or plenty of cigars, I still pack some of my own. During my last two trips to the annual IPCPR Convention, I made sure to have several cigars on hand. You may find that kind of crazy being that I was going to a cigar convention, but at times you just want to smoke something you know you will enjoy without the surprises of convention samples.

Do you pack cigars even when
You don’t expect to be smoking them?


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