Three Hobbies

Three Hobbies - Guns, Cigars, and Photography

The other day I was bitten by the photo bug and wanted to create something that said a little something about me. After giving it some thought, I figured what better way to play with my camera and tell about myself than to capture three of my favorite hobbies.

In the photo above, my three favorite hobbies are captured. A book on Photography with a Nikon D40 lens cap, a cigar dossier with an original Oliva Masterblend, and finally, a photo book on firearms with Smith and Wesson M&P.

I was pretty happy with the way the photo turned out and shared it with my twitter followers through the Twitpic service. To my surprise it was one of the most viewed photos that I have shared on this service.

What are three
of your favorite hobbies?


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