Training Starts Tonight

Syrus the Dog

This post comes a little later than usual. After a long day of yard work yesterday, and an unexpected visit, I just didn’t feel like writing up something before calling it a night. The topic I wanted to touch on was Dog Training Classes.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but Syrus is scheduled to attend his very first formal obedience training class tonight. This class consists of about 10 other dogs and two instructors. They are essentially training us how to train our dogs.

At orientation day last week (without dogs), we were informed that it is an hour long session that is held outdoors (rain or shine). Classes run for 8 weeks and are supposed to teach us how to train our dogs to follow standard commands, such as, Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, and how to properly walk on a leash.

I spoke with my designated instructor last night (there are about 10 spread between 5 groups). He seems like a very capable guy with impressive dogs (pair of Golden Retrievers). After informing him of Syrus’ potential dog aggressive streak, he did not seem concerned at all.

I’ll have my wife bring along her camera as well as my Flip Mino and try and put together an update of the first class tomorrow. Wish us luck!

What commands does your
dog know and follow?


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3 thoughts on “Training Starts Tonight

  1. YAY! And remember: don’t go in there nervous and assuming Syrus will do the worst (aggressiveness towards the other dogs). He may pick up on that and it might heighten his own nervousness.

  2. Walt – Since I have two dogs, I generally can teach one dog a command, and the other learns quickly by using the original dog as a learning tool. It sounds silly but it works…

    For example, it took weeks, but my proudest command is… The dogs piss on command. I say “Go pee” and they do it immediately. If they don’t have to go at the time, they’ll fake it just to make me happy. Good times.

  3. Linus,
    Thanks for the tip, I did my best to fake not being nervous….lol

    I can’t get Syrus to pee on command but he will go off and give it a try when I tell him to. This works about half the time.

    I’ve actually read alot of stories where people used a well behaved and obedient dog to train a new puppy.


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