Weekly Motorcycle Discussion: Used Motorcycle Deals

I should start this post by saying that I’m not seriously looking to buy another motorcycle (that should appease my wife… šŸ˜‚). Despite not being in the market, I do enjoy logging into Facebook a couple of times each week and checking the Local Marketplace for Motorcycle Deals. I suppose it is my way of living vicariously through others while doing a little window shopping just in case a deal that I can’t refuse presents itself.

The vast majority of what I see are bikes that I wouldn’t ordinarily be interested in – be it due to pricing or condition. Every so often though, I see something that stops and makes me stop and go Huh – that could be fun…

I thought it would be fun to present my WaltInPA YouTube SubscribersOpens in a new tab. with a hypothetical situation. Let’s say that one day you went to start your bike and it was dead. The complete and unpreparable sort of dead. What is on the market in your local area that you would consider buying as a replacement?

The one bike that caught my eye was a 1977 Honda CB550F for $1,500. It seemed to be in decent condition given the age and, as I found out after it sold, it was at a used car lot not far from my home. I don’t know that it meets my criteria for a replacement bike but it certainly would have made for a fun second bike to take out from time to time.

If you’d care to play along, share your replacement bike in the comments section below!

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NVA RiderOpens in a new tab.

If I had the cash I would pick up this 1986 Honda Magna V65 on FB marketplace. An 80s magna was the first street bike I ever road. A friend of mine had one and let me ride it pretty often our last year in high school. My parents, were very anti bike so I never was able to own a street bike. I did have a dirt bike. I even still have a scar on the back of my leg from when I sat side saddle on it in my driveway and wasn’t paying attention to the exhaust. haha That was fun. The V65s in good shape are still going for a decent price. This one they are asking $4000. There are also some V45 versions that are in a little rougher shape. Almost snagged one over the winter for a project but it was pretty rough.

NC StoneyOpens in a new tab.

Here in North Carolina there isn’t much to choose from in the used market. I was looking for an early 80s Honda CB900F because I had a brand new one in 1984. Folks either want too much for them, or they are in such disrepair that it would be more than I want to tackle. I looked for a used Sportster or Triumph for several months before I bought my new Sportster. There just weren’t any deals out there, even though it was winter.

Junkyard DadskiOpens in a new tab.

The older bikes seem to have an emotional value tied to them. I wouldn’t sell my 79 XLH at all, though I have seen them go for $7k in stock setup. I also follow a group involving the Honda SL100 lines from early 70’s. Those little bikes in good condition go for $3k – 50+ year old 100CC bikes! I think a good value on older bikes is how much your heart is invested in it. The bike you talked about – I’d offer $700 if I was in the market not knowing the condition. If you had to part it out, you’d make your money back.

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  1. I bought my Goldwing off Craigslist, so that’s where I looked and found this 1975 Kawasaki H1 for a whopping $9500.


    Located in Hudson Valley, it would have to be in spectacular shape to travel out to get it, and pay a reasonable price.

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