Weekly Workout Log: June 20th through June 26th

Workout Log - June 29th 2016It seems like the more I do these weekly workout log posts, the later they come in the week. My apologies for that – the new baby has been keeping all of us pretty busy and there isn’t as much free time for blogging.

The big change this week, as you’ll see down below, is that I’ve gone ahead and taken the lazy route for posting the log. Rather than breaking out each day, creating an image, and recapping the workout with sub-headings, I just embedded the Google Sheets spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my progress.

It isn’t pretty but it takes significantly less time to do. It also doesn’t hurt that the extra couple of minutes allows me to get started on other posts I’ve been thinking about. At any rate, on with the Weekly Workout Log…

Workout Log

The more I do this type of volume in the gym, the more I like it. I’m not pushing big weight or anything like that but rep after rep, after rep has me feeling a whole lot stronger than I did when I first got started. My endurance is up and the rest periods have gotten shorter.

My biggest problem is that I still have the mindset of my youth. I tend to get in the zone and think I’m invincible. Take Wednesday for example – I was on my last set of deadlifts (working sets) when I felt a pinch in my lower back. It should have sent up a red flag and I should have toned things down. Instead I pushed on with my drop set and the pinch became a nagging pain.

Days went by and the pain got worse. That nagging pain in my lower back caused me to favor it – altering the way I was doing everything. I’m pretty sure this put added strain on other muscles and lead to new pains and stiffness.

I’ve since altered my workout (which you’ll see next week) and things are much better. Even though things are on the mend, I’m not in my teens and twenties anymore – I don’t bounce back like I used to. I need to keep this in mind and not allow my ego to disrupt the progress I’m making.

Workout of the Week

Each week Anytime Fitness of Gilbertsville posts a Workout of the Week. I like to give them a try on Saturday mornings because I don’t have any weight training going on at that time. Some are more challenging than others but they all have one thing in common – they are much harder than they look.

This week we did a Farmer’s Walk, Burpees, and Alternating Lunges. Burpees totally suck but I liked the Farmer’s Walk. A lot, actually. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to add it into my current routine as added cardio (maybe to replace the Power Mill in the future).

I finished the circuit in 11 minutes 10 seconds. It wasn’t blazing speed, by any stretch, but it was a solid workout condensed into a short time frame. Next weeks workout has been posted already and it seems kind of complicated (I’m going to need to setup a timer on my phone and somehow take notes to keep track of reps).


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